The ICON Effect

ICONs exist in the world to promote good in everything they touch, to create purpose from passion while weaving stories into the fabrics of life. They are the trail-blazers, trend-setters and game-changers who believe in a sense of pride and the power of actions that shape society. Where once good was good enough, they strive for better and inspire those around them to follow their lead. Championing causes that bring visions to life while spreading love and awareness around the world.
The ICON Effect celebrates those who look at the world as their canvas while allowing their style to be as much about who they are as it is about what they believe. Everything we do is founded in the belief that even the smallest effort creates a ripple effect felt the world over. From humanitarian efforts to environmental initiatives, we encourage our ICONS to live with intent, spreading the message of global giveback and the greater good.

IMAGINE a world where WHAT you wear is as IMPORTANT as WHO you are and WHAT YOU BELIEVE

The world is not only our canvas but also our muse, a sentiment echoed by ICONs of all kinds. We live in it and travel through it, taking pictures that capture the essence of its vast inspirations. And as we do, we ensure that what is taken is given back. In an era where often more is used than replenished, we envision the impact of our actions as a means of creating awareness around sustainable ways of life. Our vision is to help reduce the bad, diminish the negative and promote the good by inspiring a platform for purpose.

Where ICONs exist, there will always be leaders focused on the principal of finding ways in which to leave the world better than they found it.

That’s focal to The ICON Effect, where everything we do begins and ends with making our brand, our supporters, the environment and ultimately the world better while empowering visionaries to create good. Organic, sustainable, and ethical aren’t just words we use, but rather beliefs we actively practice. And we do so with the goal of taking care of the communities in which we live, work and play. Manufactured here in the U.S., our designs are created through credible practices in support of our roots. Each and every step throughout our process is natural, eco-friendly and done with the environment in mind. We take great pride in knowing that not only do our designs look and feel amazing, but they’re actually representing good.

We invite you to be a part of our movement and our mission while learning more about the vision of our brand. Our happiness comes from knowing that regardless of what inspires you to become an ICON, the outcome is that we get to share that story of how you’re making an iconic impact in the lives around you with each and every piece.

THE ICON EFFECT is a LIFESTYLE. Style yourself with PURPOSE. Make the world your RUNWAY.

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